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Vegan Charcuterie Boxes

Supporting local farmers + small plant-based businesses

Vegan charcuterie boxes come with a variety of nut cheeses, veg pate, crisps, preserves/dips, nuts and organic fruits + veggies that are colorful, seasonal, and as fresh + local as possible.

Easily customize your box to meet your dietary/allergy or food preference need. Boxes can be customized to meet your celebration needs such as styling a number to reflect a special date/age/anniversary.

Larger (returnable) trays are available for larger events. Price breaks are also available with multiple tray purchases. Mix and match any tray sizes or types of your choice.

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Graze Boxes


Nourishes 2-3
or light snack for 4-6


Nourishes 4-6
or light snack for 10-15


Nourishes 10+
graze boxes quoted

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