Tostadas, Tuesdays and Toddlers


It’s Tuesday lovelies!

Look at those hungry hands. I can’t blame her. Clearly, she is my daughter if she’s reaching for extra lime.

I’m a sucker for Taco Tuesday but I swoon for Tostada Tuesday. Actually I adore tostadas any day of the week as I find they are less messy to eat and oh-so-fun to decorate.

I like to make the most out of our seasonal fresh fare, while adding huge amounts of avocado, herbs and spice.

What’s your favorite tostada recipe? Share in the comments below

Roasted Cauliflower Tostadas

Multi colored Tostadas from Santa Rosa

Mango Jalapeño jelly from Meg Makes

Organic Pea Shoots

Roasted Purple and Yellow Cauliflower

Organic Avocado


Radish & Mint from our garden

Crumbled Feta and Lime juice to top



5 thoughts on “Tostadas, Tuesdays and Toddlers

  1. Boy do I love your use of coloured cauliflower. I cant get over the eye catching shades of teal, purple and yellow. If I could reach through my computer screen and snag a bite, I sure would! I am a lover all all Mexican food and your new-age recipe just slams it out of the park.
    Love that you include your daughter in the process, makes for good quality time that’s for sure.

    My favourite Tostada’s always include Avocado but I tend to top mine with fresh Cilantro each time 🙂 I love that fresh flavour. This is definitely next on my list of dinner date dishes with me and my hubby!


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