Brown Sugar Glazed Seafood Basil Fettuccine


Brown Sugar. Garlic. Lemongrass. Butter. Lemon.

So simple, yet major yum.

One can never go wrong with pasta. Especially when it’s topped with massive prawns, candied wild sockeye salmon and glazed scallops.


Here is my not-so-secret for the perfect scallop glaze/pasta dressing.

Brown Sugar Glaze

2 tsp brown sugar

1/2 tsp garlic puree

1/2 tsp lemongrass puree

1/4 cup melted butter

mix and separate 1/2 for pasta dressing

Seafood Pasta

Ear of corn, boiled in advance.

Organic peas. I thawed the frozen ones from Costco.

Candied sockeye salmon.

Heat sauté pan with a bit of oil on high heat. Add prepped jumbo scallops (side muscle removed, rinsed and patted dry. Coat evenly with glaze). Cook 90 seconds/side. Remove from heat.

Prawns, deveined and shell removed. Dip in glaze and cook over medium heat about 4 minutes – until prawns turn into C shape. Remove from heat.

Garlic sliced thin. Sauté in oil over medium heat until slightly brown. Remove from heat.

Fresh sage & pine nuts, slightly fried on medium heat on an oiled skillet.

Fresh Olivieri Basil Fettuccine. Cooked 2 minutes and drained immediately.

In large bowl, toss fettuccine,scallops, prawns, salmon, shaved corn, peas, pine nuts, sage and brown butter glaze.

Garnish with items such as lemon, thyme and squash blossoms.

I paired with Four Winds Norwegian Wood and found it was a perfect pair.

Bon appetit darlings! Do you make your own pasta dressings? Or elevate store bought ones?



2 thoughts on “Brown Sugar Glazed Seafood Basil Fettuccine

  1. So glad I found this! I’m a n00b when it comes to pasta sauces 😛 Tried this brown sugar glaze and it was life changing O.O Will definitely look out for more saucy recipes from you! (PS Excellent choice on the Four Winds Norwegian Wood)


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