Mommy & Me Costumes


I like to tell myself that my daughter will always wear what I tell her to.

Especially when it comes to the Holidays. Sorry Sophie, you will be forever matching with momma for years to come.

As we get ready to celebrate our 3rd Halloween together, I’m flashing back to our last two.

Queen Bee and Baby Bee from 2015, and our Koala and Kangaroo onesies from last year.


Does your family wear matching or themed outfits at Halloween? Let me know in the comments below.




2 thoughts on “Mommy & Me Costumes

  1. I honestly cannot wait to celebrate Halloween with my future children. Matching and coordinating outfits is something I love to do and when is the better time to do it than Halloween?
    You look absolutely adorable each year with your little Sophie 🙂


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