Sunny Sunday Spread


It’s officially fall y’all, and that means toasted open faced sandwiches smothered in ooey-gooey melted cheese.

Despite my Scandinavian roots and growing up on endless rye, I’m not really a “bread” eater. My husband however could easily eat a loaf a day if I didn’t interject his bread feasts with my cooking. Bread is the life of his appetite. I don’t even think he can eat a breakfast that doesn’t involve bread. So when I say, Nick we are eating bread tonight, I know I get bonus wifey points. The only thing that could make his stomach happier is if it also included pasta. I swear carbs are his food wife.

So on Sundays we like to do spreads at the Smallsen house. And on those spreads I like to use as many things from my garden as possible. For this one, I used mint, sage and pansies. I like to say that doing spreads is a spring cleaning of my pantry. It always assists with using up condiments to make way for new fun products to try. I also love that there will always be something from my garden that I can include. Spreads are super easy to prepare for guests, require hardly any effort, yet somehow they always look fancy enough that you are sure to receive endless compliments throughout your gathering.

For this bread feast, I used 3-5 different toppings/slice.


Cut as many thick slices of your favorite fresh bread as you want to serve. I cut about 1/2″ thick

Slather those slices in your desired sauce. I used 3 different ones. The first was Freybe Gourmet – Chipotle Peach. The second was Stassis Preserves – Ontario Strawberry Rhubarb Spread. Lastly, I used Bob Ali Foods – Fig & Orange Tapenade which I wrote about last week.

Once you have those slices slathered with your favorite sauce, add thick slices of your cheese(s) of choice. I like to select cheeses that have a good melt. For this spread I used Camembert, Fontina and Monterrey Jack.

Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees, and bake until your cheese starts to bubble and ooze down the sides.

Remove from heat and top with your selected ingredients.

Don’t forget the wine. A chilled glass of a white blend is perfect to balance the variety of flavors and textures. We selected Voulez View Blanc for it’s perfect blend of Citrus and Spice.


What does your go-to cheese melt include? Let me know in the comments below.



4 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday Spread

  1. One of my favourite meals to share with my husband (and the only meals I am willing to share are share plates!) is a cheese platter. Its fun, easy and fills you right up for some afternoon cuddles!
    My go to cheese melt would be a GF base, Brie, pears and a nice fig jelly. You hit it right on the button with what you’re serving up!


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