A Spread of Vegan Love


Family, Friends, Coworkers and Foodies!

This Vegan snack is guaranteed to please the pickiest of eaters at your table – even your curious toddlers, and it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. High Five!

Coming home after a long day at work I want nothing more than to put something quick and healthy out on the table to sustain the appetite of my forever hungry family. The faster I get something out, the sooner I can pour myself a glass of vino –  hello adult priorities.

How do I keep it fun and interesting, healthy and at the same time quick and visually appealing? It’s actually easier than you may think. If you are like me and horrible with meal prep for everything in-between meals, than you need to read this post for snack inspiration that won’t go to waste. Did I mention everything is vegan and local?!

When grocery shopping, my idea of “snack meal prep” is finding nutritional products that compliment each other. Products that provide snack harmony when paired accordingly. I love to support local when possible, so I had to showcase these easy-to-pair items that will make you Fall in Love with Snacks.


Shopping List

Raw, Sprouted Crackers. I suggest Garden Crisps from Okanagan Rawsome. They also have 15% off your first order and free shipping within Canada!

Pâté. Vegan Pâté that is. Salt Spring Harvest makes an amazing protein packed spread from a dedicated gluten free kitchen.

Tapenade, Pesto, Hummus. Bob Ali Foods have a huge collection of products that pair perfectly with your pâté and cracker choices.

Last but not least, a bottle of Pinot Gris. When you have put together a less than 10 minute nutritional spread for your hungry family, nothing goes down better with a smile than the perfect wine pairing. Stoneboat Pinot Gris pairs perfectly with this Fall, Mediterranean inspired spread. The juicy palate pops with orange zest, a perfect balance with fig & orange tapenade.


Now you have the easiest of shopping lists!

I also included some roasted chickpeas, pine nuts for the pesto. Grilled eggplants & sweet peppers for the tapenade. Pickled beet & cabbage sauerkraut for the pâté, and some cashew cheese stuffed squash blossoms.

Have you tried these products before? What’s your favorite way of pairing them? Let me know in the comments below.



10 thoughts on “A Spread of Vegan Love

  1. *drool* looks so yummy! I haven’t tried any of those before, but i’m definitely going to seek them out next time i’m grocery shopping! Those garden crisps look pretty versatile and could probably pair with anything hehe 🙂 If I can slap a piece of smoked salmon and cream cheese on it, i’m game lol ❤


  2. That looks amazing! Your photos are beautiful and the food is making me hungry. Definitely going to pick up some vegan pâté this week.


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