Treat Yo’self: Holiday Me Time

‘Tis the Season of Giving!

With Christmas, New Years, Sophie’s birthday, endless shopping, holiday parties and planning for 1 week in NYC next month.. December definitely gets busy. My sanity may or may not be running on large volumes of coffee this month, but hey darlings, today I’m here to remind us fellow #momlife members to treat ourselves too during this season of giving.


Park Royal. This place has it all for a momma who needs some me time. Thankfully my car dealership always drops me off here for some toddler free shopping every December while my car gets serviced.

Stop 1. Faubourg. Lattes. Hot lattes. Toddler uninterrupted lattes. This is liquid love. Pair it with an Afternoon Tea Trio small bites, and some of the most delicate macaroons to go and I’ve got my caffeine and sugar fix to keep me awake while I continue to treat myself.

Stop 2. Saks off Fifth. My love of Alexander McQueen is real but paying full price is not. Saks is perfect for designer finds at 1/3 retail cost.

Stop 3. Winners. Runway Collection! Winners is where you will find me picking up Chanel beauty products.

Stop 4. Anthropologie. Seriously these people know how to merchandise. I never want to leave. The smells, the soft colours, the textures. Anthro is easily the spa of shopping, one which leaves me with the cutest office accents.

By this time my car is usually serviced and ready to pick me up. My last tip though, is to time your ride so you can arrive home during nap time. With my toddler passed out, I can pour a glass of afternoon liquid joy (rosé baby!), open my daily Advent square (hello Ciaté) and relax before the rest of December resumes.


How are you keeping sane this month darlings? What are some small things you do to treat yourself? Let me know in the comments below



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