Oregon, I miss you!

It’s been about a year since I spent a week in Oregon over Canadian Thanksgiving, and as the date and social reminders approach – I thought I’d do a little flashback to autumn in Oregon.

I mean, Oregon is a beauty in the fall – and I can’t help but share the autumn nostalgia that’s occupying my mind.

Last year, I drove down. A lovely (when not in Seattle rush hour), drive. Took about 8 hours with the rush hour craze – but oh so worth it. I worked with my fave agent Karen, over at Tatum’s Tailored Trips and she booked a club level room at The Nines in Portland. This hotel is so fun. I love all the blues and teals, and chandeliers everywhere I turned. I checked in – ordered some room service, and settled in for the night – as I had a big day of exploring waterfalls ahead of me.

Morning came – and off to Explore the Trail of Ten Falls!

As Shakespeare said, The earth has music for those who listen.

The Trail of Ten Falls is a looped waterfall filled with ups and downs, going in, around, and under falls. The awe, the serenity, the joy. The peace.

These falls brought me life, and helps me find my calm, my zen, my energy. I highly recommend this trail if you are ever in Oregon. It’s about an hour drive from Portland.

After the falls, I ended up stopping at the McMenamins to explore their distilleries, garden and farm – but ended up crashing a wedding (in a good way), and connected with fun locals.

Headed back to the hotel, and ordered some more room service before another fun day of chasing waterfalls.

Next day and ready for more! I decided I would hike the gorge and stopped at a few waterfalls along the way.

The gorge was so energizing. The air was clean, my soul felt alive. Despite the overcast, it was the most rewarding hike with an amazing view.

Called it a night, and was ready to watch football all day in the VIP Club Lounge. Did I mention the Phoenix Suns were also staying here while I was here? So fun to hang out with them in the lounge, and talk football and tattoos together.

Next day was all about exploring Portland – including exploring Powell’s books. I really felt like Belle in the West Wing and may have left with a ridiculous amount of books – including an original Wizard of Oz Tinman book for my brother.

I picked up some amazing records, crystals, and some locally made gear, got a new tattoo at the vegan tattoo shop and then headed back to the hotel to unwind with some cheese and wine by plants. My kinda night.

My final day was all beach. I spent the entire day at Cannon Beach, walking miles and miles along the shore.

Wish there was more photos, but I planned to be offline as much as possible during this trip – and just be present in my travels and my experience. Have you been to Oregon before? Let me know in the comments below.

I can’t wait to go back


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