All Hail The Mighty Caesar.

I came, I saw, I cocktailed.

Patio season is officially here in Beautiful BC! After a family beach day, I definitely look forward to coming home and unwinding outside with my favorite cocktail – the Caesar. Extra garnish please.

Caesar’s are healthy, you get vitamins and nutrients from drinking them, they encourage creativity and you can hit all the needed food groups with the help of a few garnishes. Plus with all the garnishes, it’s like a free appetizer or amuse-bouche with every drink.


I like to do Caesar shooters. Basically oversized tasting glasses you would use for beer tastings. For my backyard party I provided three different options for my guests.

  1. Grilled Cheese Caesar. The only one that required any cooking. I used baguette and a generous amount of gruyère and soft havarti.
  2. Rainbow Carrot Caesar. Simply slice in half a few rainbow carrots. Add a pickled veggie to two and a slice of lime. This is my favorite. I love the textures to snack on and I felt extra healthy.
  3. Seafood Caesar. I skewered spicy prawns from Meinhardt Fine Foods along with smoked chilean sea bass and smoked sockeye salmon nuggets from Whole Foods.

Guests loved them. I rimmed the glasses with a wedge of lime, and then dipped in a mix of Walters Caesar Rim, charcoal sea salt and black sesame seeds for the perfect salty rim. For the Caesar itself, I used Motts Clamato original, 2 drops of Worcester Sauce, 1/2 tsp extra hot horseradish, and 2 drops of Addiction Horseradish Cocktails Spice.


Grilled Cheese cooking tip: Use thick slices of various meltable cheeses for that extra ooey gooey texture.


Are you a fan of Caesar’s? How do you like to garnish yours?

Let me know in the comments below!



One thought on “All Hail The Mighty Caesar.

  1. Wowza! These look delicious. Colourful as per usual and very fresh looking. Very interested in that mini grilled cheese! Yum!
    I love to garnish my Caesar’s with pickled asparagus, cubes of cheese and pepperoni 🙂 a little extra spice is always good to.


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