Mommy & Me Costumes

Mommy & Me Costumes


I like to tell myself that my daughter will always wear what I tell her to.

Especially when it comes to the Holidays. Sorry Sophie, you will be forever matching with momma for years to come.

As we get ready to celebrate our 3rd Halloween together, I’m flashing back to our last two.

Queen Bee and Baby Bee from 2015, and our Koala and Kangaroo onesies from last year.


Does your family wear matching or themed outfits at Halloween? Let me know in the comments below.




Meal Prep Sunday: Texmex Stuffed Squash and Heirloom Pico De Gallo

Meal Prep Sunday: Texmex Stuffed Squash and Heirloom Pico De Gallo


Secret: I rarely meal prep. But I will for these.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make these. Cut squash – check. Remove seeds – check. Roast for an hour in the oven – check. And then the fun begins.

The fun actually started in my garden, where I harvested the last of my heirloom tomatoes. With a few additional organic produce items, I was able to get creative and make an easy, bright and flavorful pico de gallo. All you need is 4 ingredients really.


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Apple Picking at Willow View Farms

Apple Picking at Willow View Farms


Hello Autumn!

Boots, layers, falling leaves, crisp mornings, pumpkin everything and of course apple picking.

Apple picking is such a fun, family activity; especially when you’re supporting a local farm. We have a honey crisp tree in our own backyard, but as we went through those apples quickly we headed on over to Willow View Farms to stock up for some new recipes.

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Guilt Free Vegan Nachos

Guilt Free Vegan Nachos


Hello feel good vegan nachos!

I love to eat nachos. I can’t imagine a diet that didn’t involve nachos. I could and would eat them everyday if they were in front of me. However, sometimes I like to reserve my calories for beer, so I was pleased to team up with Okanagan Rawsome and create a guilt-free nacho inspired recipe that you can eat over and over (and leave you some calories to have that glass or two of beer).

Sometimes the smallest changes to a basic recipe can yield the largest results. That’s the case here with my feel good, guilt-free nachos. By subbing your standard tortillas for apple crisps, and traditional toppings for nutritional toppings (hello black beans, mango salsa and chipotle peach guacamole).

This protein packed tropical spin on nachos is enough to fuel you through a full marathon (movie or running, I’m down for both).

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